Born in Milan, I have always developed a certain passion (and pleasure!) for LIES.


I neatly remember the pleasure given to me by the first lie I told and the startled gaze of the other children who incredulous listened to my stories. That was the fantasy of a four years old child yet the harbinger of a new world. Years passed and LIES and FANTASY have intermingled and grown up together giving birth to CREATIVITY and CURIOSITY.


The world tried to instruct and bridle me but it could nothing to repress my hunger. Around my eighteenth birthday, I attended a performance of Rigoletto at Teatro alla Scala and  passion in me aroused again. In a short time I graduated with honors in Set Design at Brera Academy and started my own way with the most renown protagonists in experimental theater. Academic rules and experimentation, theory and practice made blossom my love for observation of things from uncommon points of view and my way of thinking changed too.


Not satisfied with these experiences I met Sabino Lenoci who introduced me to theater critic through the fascinating worlds of opera and musical, two different theatrical genres but yet so similar.
Ten years passed and I had got the chance to see great and bad productions, to visit the most important theaters all over the world savoring them in a preferential manner, deepen the real essence of theater with its protagonists.
Stimulated by others failures rather than by their success, I decided to get back to the stage as opera director.  Maybe one day I will take on the challenge of new genres, who knows...
Curiosity and creativity will lead me through different experiences but I will never stop telling my “theatrical lies” to the audience because I love too much to see that startled gaze in people's eyes!




Marina Di Marco, General Manager & Artistic Consultant

Stefania Mongiardino, Communication & Image

Exclusive management: Royal International Artists