Max, an esteemed director from Milan, Italy, will teach film-making and production skills to Communication Division students. In addition, WPU is proud to partner with Max and his wife Paola to create a professional and artistic film and video production company – Astarox Productions. Max and Paolo will use their extensive national and international connections to bring a variety of projects to campus, including film-making and editing, corporate videos, and commercials. WPU Communication students will gain valuable professional experience by assisting with these projects through internships and employment opportunities.

Max has a wealth of professional experience in film-making and video production in Italy and Hollywood. He began his work while studying Literature and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan. Max’s Italian production company completed projects for numerous high profile European and American companies, including L’Oréal, SKY, Sony, ROCHE, and Mercedes Benz. In 2011, Max moved to California to work on award winning films, such as: “Beauty in the Broken”, “Memento Mori” and “A Very Lovely Dress.”

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Max Leonida started his career with the international movies like "Beauty in the broken", "Backward" and "Mandala" He's currently preparing "Marionettes" an International co-production between USA and Italy.


Contact: Claudio Ferri, Personal Manager